Animal Bedding

Make sure your animals are warm and comfortable. We offer bedding for all types of livestock and animals. Our bedding has a finer consistency because of wood shavings made to house animals. It is very cost effective, dries quickly, and leaves little cleanup. We offer all bedding in bulk by the truckload and deliver to Michigan and Ontario.

Ontario Wood Fibre is committed to providing the highest quality animal bedding options at the best possible prices. Easier on your budget than many other animal bedding materials, our wood shavings are pure and never contain chemical additives, resins, stains, sealants, or wood fillers like other bedding products. Our wood shavings are the ideal material for horse bedding, dog house bedding, swine bedding and all other livestock.

Our wood shaving are clean & never contain:

  • chemical additives
  • resins
  • stains
  • sealants
  • wood fillers

Ideal material for use with:

  • horse bedding
  • dog house bedding
  • swine bedding
  • all other livestock

We have you covered


Our animal bedding products have a wide range of application. From livestock to household pets, we have what you need.